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At this point version 1.2 of OWL2Prefuse is done. Once users start providing feedback, the package can continiously be improved. If you have ideas on how OWL2Prefuse be improved and / or if you want to help, you can send an e-mail to Jethro or Jonathan.

Future Plans

This section describes the future plans we have for OWL2Prefuse.

Category Type Changes Who?
major new lazy-requests, i.e., the prefuse graph data structure only becoming populated with information at the latest possible time, i.e. when the user first requests it, or when it is absolutely necessary that the graph data structure has all data. Jonathan
major new automatic updating of the Prefuse graph / tree if the underlying Jena OntModel changes. Possible changes could include adding, deleting, or editing nodes or edges. Jonathan
major new incorporate SPARQLViz into OWL2Prefuse as a plugin in order to facilitate graphical SPARQL creation and result set visualization. (OPTIONAL) Jethro
major new possibilty to toggle individuals (checkbox), if hidden the node containing them (e.g. their class) will become bigger and optionally gets another color. Jethro
major new getters for all the extra panels (orientation control, hops control, individual control and legend). Jethro
major new enabler / disabler methods for all the extra panels (orientation control, hops control, individual control and legend). Jethro
major new provide users with an interface which can be implemented to allow plugin development Jethro
minor new add the ability to read Jena models from database (PostgreSQL and MySQL) Jethro
minor new create an .avi and put it on the website
minor bugfix export image of total graph / tree, not just the visble part
minor bugfix do not draw labels on top of each other when there are inverse edges Jethro
minor update place new screenshots on website


Version Changes Date
1.2 - bugfix: legend of tree disappeared when disabling the orientation control widgets
- update: changed force directed parameter
- new: getLegend() methods added to both the TreePanel and the GraphPanel
- new: getFocusControl() methods added to both the TreeDisplay and the GraphDisplay
- new: parameter to chose whether you want a legend or not
- new: classes that do not have a subclass area automatically linke to owl:Thing
- new: added http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#Class as a useless type
- new: method for changing force directed parameter which determines the distance between the nodes (e.g. the length of the edges)
1.1 - bugfix: TreeML first exported GraphML, but not anymore
- new: export tree and graph to image formats (PNG and JPG)
- new: filefilter when exporting graphml and treeml (.xml)
- new: filefilter when opening ontolgoy (.owl)
- new: filefilter when opening graphml and treeml (.xml)
- new: showing legend for node colors in treepanel and graphpanel
1.0 The first version of OWL2Prefuse 09-01-2007