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Jethro Borsje

My name is Jethro Borsje and I'm from The Netherlands. Currently I'm a student at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where I finished my bachelor in Informatics & Economics. I am now doing my master there. Besides studying I have my own company called Jesdesign.
OWL2Prefuse started as a spin-off from my other projects in the Semantic Web research area. I found that it was annoying to having to create code for constructing graphs over and over again. Besides that I believe it is useful to be able to quickly visualize an ontology. This enables developers to quickly scan through an ontology to validate output, check input or learn more about the structure of a certain ontology.
More information about me can be found at my personal homepage.

Jonathan Giles

My name is Jonathan Giles, I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand. I attend Massey University, where I completed a Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree in Software Engineering (where I attained the title of Massey Scholar and First Class Honours) between 2003 and 2006. I am now (as of early 2007) beginning my Masters of Science in Computer Science, which focuses on the integration of multiple related data sets into a single client-side OWL ontology, which can then be visualised using engines such as prefuse.
OWL2Prefuse is a tool that has an interesting future. I joined this project to help make these future plans a reality, as then the visualisation of Jena ontologies using prefuse can become incredibly easy. If you too think you can help, please contact us and let us know.