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Welcome to the OWL2Prefuse project page.

OWL2Prefuse is a Java package which creats Prefuse graphs and trees from OWL files (and Jena OntModels). It takes care of converting the OWL data structure to the Prefuse datastructure. This makes it is easy for developers, to use the Prefuse graphs and trees into their Semantic Web applications.

It started as a spin-off from my other projects in the Semantic Web research area. I found that it was annoying to having to create code for constructing graphs over and over again. Besides that I believe it is useful to be able to quickly visualize an ontology. This enables developers to quickly scan through an ontology to validate output, check input or learn more about the structure of a certain ontology.

The packages takes care of creating a Prefuse graph (or tree). This tree will then be added to a Prefuse display after which this display is added to a JPanel. This JPanel can be directly used in the other applications. However, the intermediate created Prefuse graph (or tree) and Prefuse display can also be used. Developers can easily adjust these created graphs, trees, displays and panels, to suit their own needs.

A few of the things the package provides are:

Website updates

Date Update
2007-01-31 Moved from GPL to LGPL;
Added Jonathan Giles as a developer.
2007-01-22 Released version 1.2 of the package;
Documentation updated.
2007-11-01 Road map added;
Another HOWTO added;
Released version 1.1 of the package.
2007-09-01 Projectpage finished;
Package released.
2007-08-01 HOWTO's added.
2007-01-05 Create this projectpage.